Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal: unlocking the potential

Set up in 1998, the Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal was conceived just as the links between natural resource use and community development in Nepal were coming into focus. With its highly diverse flora and the diversity of its people, many of whom retain a strong reliance on native plants, the need for an ethnobotanical homeContinue reading “Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal: unlocking the potential”

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In November 2014, I will be working with the Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal, based in Kathmandu for a month. I’ll be visiting projects in the Langtang region and talking to local communities about how they conserve medicinal plants. As well as finding out what works, and what doesn’t, I’ll be assessing success in Nepal and lessonsContinue reading “Become a sponsor”